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Since 2001, we have served the Los Angeles and Orange County areas

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For $85, we will make 4 attempts to serve papers within a 7-day period.

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For $225, we will serve the same day. Our process servers will attempt once.


$40 for documents placed on door in 2 days. 

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For $75, we will help in locating the person or company in question.  

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As a member of the CAJP, we have over 20-years experience in collections. 

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Since 2001, we have served the Los Angeles and Orange county areas. From rural to urban areas, we serve these counties with ease and professionalism.

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Great serve. I had a court case that was difficult to serve and Process Servers LA did it in one day. I will recommend them to anyone.

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Central Locations for Service of Legal Process

The certificate of registration states that the registrant has not been convicted of a felony. You should hire a registered process server to click here the task.

Any address you list on your filings will become part of the public record. It only exempts them from having to register as a California process server. Main Street Woodland CA am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm No 1 No 2. Doing so will help ensure that service is rendered in the right matter.

Service of Process on Registered Agent

This exemption does not make that person a registered legal server. What happens in Sacramento? The requirement is intended to make sure all businesses can be easily contacted for official purposes by the general public and the Secretary of State. Please refer to the following code sections for further information: California Code of Civil Procedure, section Home Registered Agent Services California. A registered agent must have a physical street address in the state of California and be present at that address during normal business hours.

Any business opportunity seller or agent must appoint the Secretary of State as his agent for service of process, prior to engaging in business in this state.

The Business Opportunity Consent form appoints the Secretary of State as its agent for service of process. Using our California business address will keep your home address private. This person must also provide 2 finger print cards for a State and Federal background check to insure they have no felony convictions. Bring your receipt or cancelled checks with you when your case is heard in court as proof of service. Visalia California am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm No 1 E.

King Ave. Anaheim CA am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm Yes 2 Only accepts levies and writs. Then they will deliver the legal mail to your registered agent, who must be there to of process by los angeles it and forward it to you. She must then register agent service process los angeles a los angeles county process server.

No wait. Redondo Beach CA am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm No 1 Crenshaw Blvd. Assault on a professional process server while performing legal document delivery is a felony. Limited exemption from trespass. Read on to learn more about how to serve legal documents on a California registered agent. We often go to N. Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA Acting in the capacity of their employment, the following are exempt from registering: Attorneys Employees of Attorneys Licensed Private Investigators Sheriffs or governmental employees Photo Copiers whose only process serving relates to subpoenas for the production of business records.

Western Ave. California Blvd. A registered agent, agent service process los angeles, also referred to as a statutory agent, is any business or individual that is legally assigned to receive service of process on behalf of a limited liability company, limited partnership, or corporation. A straightforward sign-up form. Page Content. File the motion with the court clerk. The clerk will give your motion to a Judge for approval.

Page Top Content. InCorp will also electronically track the due dates for your filings so you can avoid paying any late fees to the state!

Service of Process

A California Business Address. Center Ave. In addition to statutory resident agent for California corporations, LLCs, and other entities, registered agent services for private contracts, loan agreements, and regulatory reasons are also available, typically on the same terms.

Same-day processing. The Business Search contains abstracts of certain information only relating to corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships based on the most current filings that are of record in this office, including agent service process los angeles and address of the agent for service of process, if any.

Registered agent service is also offered as part of the more comprehensive California Corporate Counsel Program. Instant gratification. How do I File a Financing Statement? The Sheriff serves the forms to the Secretary of State. Why should you hire us?

A straightforward sign-up form. Those institutions that designate locations for service of legal process will be added to the table below. As previously stated, California law requires that a ct corporation process server be over the age of 18 and not a party to the action.

If the information is missing, contact Direct Legal Support, Inc. Serving the wrong agent can result in your case being dismissed due to improper service of process. County registered and bonded process server!

California Registered Agent Service Only $149/Year!

What is Uniform Commercial Code? Please click for source Code of Civil Procedure Section The Bank's cutoff time to accept writ of attachment, execution, garnishment, tax levy, restraining order, subpoena, warrant or other legal process is pm. A Sheriff serves only mandated paper process, such as writs requiring the physical taking of property. In Los Angeles County and most other California counties there is an alternative to the Sheriff for your process serving needs.

Have a Question? Secondary location only. Contact us today to have us serve as your California agent for service of process for your new or existing corporation, LLC, or other business entity. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's office along with other counties throughout California have a civil process division that provides process serving for the general public on a limited basis.

Inquire for an application. No wait. Service is considered complete 10 days after the Sheriff sends the forms to the Secretary of State. Same-day processing. We are unable to accept these in the Los Angeles office. Instant gratification, agent service process los angeles.

Same-day processing. Grand Ave. First attempt service at S Grand. The CT Corporation process server is obligated and has a legal duty to know the proper manner for service of process. See California Code of Civil Procedure sections We are unable to accept these in the Los Angeles office. No such privilege applies to standard non-law firm California registered agent serviceswhich generally charge a similar annual fee, or to friends or colleagues serving as a registered agent.

If he lives 50 miles away from downtown L. Always make sure that the private process server you hire resides a reasonable distance from where you need the serving visit web page your documents.

Serving a Corporation, LLC, or LP – Consumer & Business

Bradley Rd Santa Maria CA am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm No 1 W. When provided along with other legal services, an attorney-client relationship is in place and thus a creditor or plaintiff is almost certainly not going to be able to subpoena any corporate records or information we have in our possession; such corporate records and communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Page Top Content, agent service process los angeles. No wait. When hiring a Professional Process Service company, it is important to know whether or not their servers are qualified to handle your assignment. Deliver legal process to branch office. Page Content.

Instant gratification. What if you need small claims papers served at a residential address? A straightforward sign-up form.

A California Business Address. Serving a Corporation, LLC, or LP is always considered substitute service, so the claim must be served at least 25 days before the court date if the Agent for Service is in Los Angeles County, but 30 days before the court date if source Agent for Service is being served outside of Los Angeles County.

Order Now. Registered agents must meet certain qualifications in order to legally be deemed an agent for service of process. The Secretary of State can be contacted at:.